Information for Faculty

Welcome to Your Bookstore! 

We offer a wide range of products and services specifically for your convenience. These include customized course packs, academically priced software, and free postage for special orders. Details about these services and our other activities follow. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Kathey Hupp, Bookstore Manager. 

Course Pack Information Request Forms

We are happy to take your course pack requests for the upcoming term. Please complete our Course Book Information Request Form and submit to Verna Hand in the Support Services. Forms are available either in the Bookstore or in the Support Services Office. Forms should be submitted to Verna two weeks prior to when you expect to use the Course Pack.  

Book Orders

Our goal is to make sure that textbooks are on the shelves on time and in the right quantities. To achieve that goal we undertake a time-consuming research and procurement process. The earlier we have complete information in hand, the better are our chances of success. Textbook adoption forms for fall semester and May/Summer sessions are sent out the first week of April in hopes to have all orders in before textbooks buy back in May. Spring semester textbook adoption forms are sent out the first week of November in order that the information is in before buy back in December. 

We always provide a mix of both new and used books, new for students who prefer pristine texts and used for more budget-conscious students. When you request a book for your course, store personnel go to several sources of supply to find copies of the title. (They do this for each title you request and for several other requested titles). The bookstore checks with publishers and distributors to obtain new books and buys used copies from students and used books wholesalers. 

We provide used books as a service for budget-conscious students. The opportunity to sell back textbooks they do not want to hold for future reference helps them financially, as does access to used texts. This student buy back process requires a great deal of advance preparation by the bookstore. 

The new editions of standard texts and new titles that you request are sourced directly from publishers. Since publishers do not keep large inventories, titles can be out of stock--and it may be a while before they are reprinted. An adequate lead time increases the chances that out of stock titles, delivery problems and other delays will not prevent us from having your books on the shelves right when classes begin. Remember we live in the "west", thousands of miles from the majority of the publishing companies. Advance notice is especially important for foreign books, which frequently take longer to arrive.  

Speed Up the Process

We are happy to accept your book request piecemeal. If you are not sure of all the books you will need for a course, submit the titles that you do know. Just note on the request form that more titles may be requested later and send in another list as soon as you have made your decisions. It is very important, however, that you do not include titles that you may not end up using for the course. 

Also, please let us know if your class size changes or if the department adds sections. If we are not aware that you have moved to a larger classroom or that the registrar will be admitting more students than initially indicated, we may run out of books and have to reorder.  

How We Determine Quantity of Textbooks to Order

We realize that it is difficult to predict class size from year to year. Your input is most valuable to us in this regard. If you have previously taught the course, your personal records will be the best indicators of class size. If it is a new course, or one that you have not previously taught, your department may be able to provide you with pre-registration numbers or an educated guess of possible enrollment. 

We here at the Campus Bookstore will gladly assist you in determining the quantity of "required" or "optional" books to order. Our goal is to fulfill the needs of every student who wishes to buy a textbook. At the same time, we strive to reduce the number or excess books sent back to the publishers. 

How to Get Desk Copies

We can help you get desk copies from publishers. Desk copies are typically available directly through the publishers. This allows them to establish their own relationships with faculty and gain better knowledge about the titles that are for classroom use. 

To make it easy for you to order desk copies, we have telephone numbers and names of publisher representatives. Another way you can obtain desk copies is by writing to the publisher on school letterhead which is sometimes required by certain publishers. 

In those instances when publishers will not provide desk copies, or if your desk copy has not arrived by the time you need it, we will loan you a copy of the book. When we supply the book, we will either charge your department directly or your personal account. Of course, when you return the book we will immediately credit either your own or your department's account. 

Other Special Services from YOUR Bookstore

  • Free Special Orders - We will special order any book currently in print for our customers, free of delivery service charges. We welcome phone, fax, mail or e-mail orders. 
  • Special Book Requests - If there is a title you would like to see offered by the bookstore in our general book section, we will be pleased to stock it at your request. 
  • Software at Educational Prices - We can help you complement your academic and personal objectives with the latest software --at educational discount price. We offer highly specialized academic products as well as standard, popular programs.
  • Technical Supplies - We will stock any technical material you may need for your course, whether it is test tubes, art supplies or surgical kits. 
  • Gifts and Rewards - The bookstore offers an array of high-quality gift items including clothing, pens and other items imprinted with the campus logo. In addition, we have greeting cards, gift books, and many other items. 
  • School Supplies - Mailing supplies, school supplies and business accessories such as portfolios, backpacks, briefcases and organizers are always in stock. Computer supplies such as diskettes, mouse pads and printer paper are available as well.